The different qigong-sets we teach

Here you find a short overview of the different qigong-sets or methods that we teach at Living Stillness, and how we layer the training for our students both in classes and private lessons. Each section includes a description of the set, which specific techniques it focusses on, and which parts of the 16 Neigong-principles it works with. You can read more about the 16 Neigong-principles in a text with that name in the section called What is qigong: texts. Please note that some of these sets or techniques included in them are not taught to the public, but only to students who are at a level where they can use the information and have enough basics to practice it safely. We would recommend you to begin with reading the text on Basic training, since this is the crucial factor for deciding how effective qigong, meditation or the Internal Arts will be for your health, and how far you will be able to take your training over your lifetime.


  • Basic training and layering of qigong at Living Stillness: read this text first
  • Bruce Frantzis qigong-system: overview
  • Ma Baoguo´s qigong-system: overview
    • Hunyuan Qigong
    • Ma Baoguo´s Chen Taiji
    • Ma Baouguo´s Hebei Xingyiquan
    • Meditation for healthför hälsa
    • Meditation for spiritual practice
  • Energetic anatomy: general overview
    • The Three Dantian ("tan tian"/"hara"/"chakra"): the main energy-centers in a human being: overview
    • De Tre Dantian: hur klassisk qigongträning bygger upp träningen inom de tre
    • De Tre Dantian: paralleller med nuvarande kunskap inom västerländsk vetenskap
    • De Tre Dantian i hälsa, andlig träning och i de Inre Stilarna
    • Baskunskaper om den Lägre Dantian i de Inre Stilarna Tai Chi, Xingyiquan och Baguazhang
    • Träning för "tredje ögat", den Övre Dantian: varningstext om farorna med sådan träning
    De Inre Stilarna: översikt (för längre texter om dessa, se sektionen Vad är Qigong: texter)
    • Xingyiquan
    • Tai Chi
    • Baguazhang
    • Get filling into your Tai Chi and qigong
    Other subjects