About our teachers

Ma Baoguo

Ma Baoguo

Ma Baoguo has been practicing martial arts since he was six years old, and qigong and meditation since his teens. He is a master of the old Chen Style in Tai Chi, under master Wang Changhai. Ma is also a master of Hebei Xingyi, where his teacher is master Shang Ji. Thanks to one of his teachers he is also a master of the techniques and practices of Wudang and Emei training. Today he teaches Chen-style Tai Chi, Hebei Xingyi, Hunyuan Qigong and Hunyuan Tai Chi. He is currently training a small number of individuals in Europe as teachers, and is busy writing his first book back in China. Master Ma´s focus is on making the Internal Arts effective in real life self-defense, and on how you use qigong-skills to keep increasing your health through-out your entire life. You can now read an interview with Master Ma in Articles.

Daniel Skyle has been a student of Master Ma since 2003.

Daniel Skyle has also trained qigong and meditation and Internal martial arts for several other teachers, including Frank Allen and Lee Burkins. He is a student of Xingyi for writer and teacher Alex Kozma of the UK.

We at Living Stillness have chosen not to arrange workshops or seminars for Bruce Frantzis and Energy Arts anymore, due to differing views on how students, especially female students, should be treated. We are no longer affiliated with Bruce Frantzis or Energy Arts. Please note that we asked to be taken off the Energy Arts Instructors website on the 13/9 2010, but that they still have not done so. We are no longer part of the organisation.