News from July 2011: new article in Tai Chi Chuan Magazine by Daniel Skyle

This is the time of full summer, the Fire Element blossoming with warmth, flowers and sunny days. Daniel Skyle will publish a new article in the Tai Chi Chuan Journal for the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain: When have you changed enough? Some guidelines about practice and change. This article focuses on how you balance your training in directions of yin and yang. It also takes an introductory look at the change practices of Daoism, and how real Taoism always focuses on haoxin, having a good heart. Some of the article is based on interviews Daniel Skyle did with Daoist monks at the White Cloud Temple, the Baiyunguan, in Beijing in the Spring of 2011 while doing research for his coming book on Daoism in Swedish. We hope you enjoy the article. Have a good summer.


News from September 2010: Living Stillness will no longer arrange workshops for Bruce Frantzis, and Cricket Kemp back to teach NLP in Sweden

Autumn is coming. We go into the time of the Metal Element. From now and on, we at Living Stillness have chosen not to arrange workshops or seminars for Bruce Frantzis and Energy Arts anymore, due to differing views on how students, especially female students, should be treated. We are no longer affiliated with Bruce Frantzis or Energy Arts. The experienced NLP-teacher Cricket Kemp returns to Sweden this winter, holding workshops in November in Malmoe. She will hold a one-day course on Techniques for how you deal with difficult people, and then, during the weekend, an Introduction to NLP. You can read more about them both in the section on NLP and Communication.

Cricket Kemp was one of the founders of the The Professional Guild of NLP.( where they set higher standards in the field through having a minimum amount of hours of teacher contact during courses and certificates, thus offering high quality. She has also pioneered a way of teaching children with spelling problems to spell easily and quickly, something she calls Magical Spelling (

We hope you have a really good autumn.

News from October 2009: after the workshops, new article on Tai Chi coming, and Bruce Frantzis 2010

We want to thank all participants who attended the very successful workshops over here, and also thank them for their comments on the quality they got. We hope you have good use of the material for your own health. Next year, Bruce Frantzis will give one workshop in Sweden, in Malmoe, and the subject will be the internal form that should fill all the movements in any kind of Tai Chi, focussing on the training of the Grasp Sparrow´s Tail, which is the core training in classical Tai Chi. Frantzis is a lineage holder in Wu Tai Chi, and has done the other ones, and will present material that should be present in any style of Tai Chi - material that often has been lost and rarely is known by most teachers in the West. You will find more information on that on this site next year.

Also keep your eyes peeled for the next article by Daniel Skyle in Tai Chi Chuan Magazine for the TCUGB in England, where we will go in depth about the techniques that classical Tai Chi uses for making you more present and aware in all your Tai Chi training. With this, we wish you a very good autumn.


News from March 2009: Introduction to NLP with Cricket Kemp, only a few places left, Bruce Frantzis´ unique workshops in Sweden, and NLP Practitioner in Malmoe 2009

Hi. We hope you have had a good start on 2009. The introductory workshop on NLP with Cricket Kemp in Malmoe now only has a handful of places left. Please let us know if you want to attend. The NLP Practitioner that she will hold with other teachers is scheduled to start in late november or early december 2009. The first sign-ups are in for that one. We are again inviting Bruce Frantzis to Sweden, this year for two workshops. The one in Malmoe will be a Dragon and Tiger, including a follow-up section group 2 for those who have previous experience of the set. The workshop in Stockholm is unique: here Master Frantzis will go into the practices from classical chinese medicine on how health-care professionals can keep their own health safe while doing their job. These techniques will be useful for anybody who either works in Western Medicine or in Chinese medicine, but also for those who work within social services, law enforcement, therapy or similar. Frantzis has never taught this material only in a workshop, so we are very happy he consented to take this in-depth look at just this facet of the material. You can find all the details for his courses in Sweden in the sidebar. With this, wish you a happy spring, and hope that you can use the growth of spring to help you kick-start old projects or take the first steps of small change in things that are stuck in your life. Good luck.

More news will follow, but for readers of Tai Chi Chuan Magazine, here´s the link for the article on Layering Training in Taiji

The 10 page article on the basics in classical Taiji and how you layer the training can now find the complete article on this link: Click here to read the article. It was published over two issues in UK-based Tai Chi Chuan Magazine, and will now for the first time be published in its entirety on the Web. It includes an overview of what would be considered basic skills in high quality Taiji, and takes both a look at how these would be layered as well as ask each practitioner of the art an important and controversial question at the end.

New text with training-advice about Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong

The text mentioned below is now up and running. It is written as a help for you who attended the Dragon and Tiger-workshop in Malmoe or the Instructor-training in Brighton the two weeks before, and simply goes through some basic ideas about how to layer your training to make the most of it for your health. It also looks at how you maximize your ability to learn qigong, whether Dragon and Tiger or any other kind. You will find it under What is qigong: texts, and we hope it´s useful for you.

News from mid-April and onwards: updated text, the secrets that Morihei Ueshiba of Aikido never taught, and Bruce Frantzis in Sweden 2009!

The first workshops in Sweden with the Qigong-master and Taoist lineage-holder Bruce Frantzis are now over. We thank everybody who came and practiced, and hope that your experience and new skills will keep enriching your life, making it more and more alive. We will publish texts with training-advice under the section Courses and tailormade qigong. Here you will find advice on how to layer your training to make it the most efficient for your health, and this will cover both Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong, and the Marriage of Heaven and Earth Qigong. The texts will be useful both for those of you who went to the event in Malmoe, Sweden, and for those who attended the Instructor Training in Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong for Bruce Frantzis in Brighton, the two weeks before. The dates for our follow-up workshops will be published here, in News. Bruce Frantzis said yes to coming back to Scandinavia, which means that the future arrangements we make will be available here in detail over the next year. Frantzis will be back in Scandinavia in 2009, most likely with events in several places in the Scandinavian countries.

His unique lecture on O-sensei Morihei Ueshiba was an incredible evening, and the people present got the chance to listen to first-hand accounts of what it was like to be thrown by the founder of Aikido, what Ueshiba was like, and a few glimpses into the techniques he did himself but never seemed to actually teach to any of his students. A clip will be available on this site in a couple of months time, and if you missed out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you can listen to at least a little of it here on Living Stillness. We also want to thank Malmoe Aikido-club, who where visionary where other clubs were not in letting us share their space to talk about the founder of their art. Special thanks to Fredrik Karlsson who helped us arrange it, and were present on the night to help out.

We also have changed the text Advice if you feel stressed, as we (a bit late; sorry) discovered it lead to an altogether different page. It is now up and working, and you can find advice there on how you start off on your road to slowly clean out the stress of your life, and become more alive once more, step by step, in language easy to read even if you can´t concentrate to well at the moment.

And from us at Living Stillness, we wish you a very good spring.

News at Living Stillness: New text about Energy-injuries, Bruce Frantzis´ medical qigong-workshop and unique Aikido-lecture

Qigong-master and Taoist lineage holder Bruce Frantzis´ first event ever in Scandinavia is nearing now! He will be teaching the basics of the medical qigong-set Dragon and Tiger, of which he also just has published a thorough guide with more than 650 illustrations in, which gives a clear sense of the precision and depth at which he teaches. Remember to book in time if you want a place at the course, which will take place in the beautiful port-town of Malmoe in southern Sweden. The workshop itself is placed in an old, enclosed 17th century quarter which now has been redone to house a modern conference-center, a restaurant, and a french bakery with a genuine french baker in... You can find more details under Bruce Frantzis Sweden 2008 in the sidebar. Also, and very new, is the unique evening he will be doing on his memories and experiences of training with O-sensei Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, for the last two years of Ueshibas life in Tokyo. Bruce will talk about O-sensei for an hour, what he was like, what his students were like, and how the training was done under the martial arts legend when he neared the end of his life. This lecture will be in English, and also take place in Malmoe. You can see more details and a poster if you go to that section in the sidebar. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us at Living Stillness, at

We have also now translated the beginnings of our section on energy-injuries, which simply put is what happens if you practice energy-training the wrong way or for a teacher who doesn´t know what they´re doing. Here you will find easy-to-read texts on symptoms, training-advice, how you heal them and how you layer your training to make it as effective for health as possible while avoiding the risks. Energy-injuries is what used to be called qigong psychosis or kundalini psychosis, and which is referred to as zouhuo rumo in China. All complete, old traditions take this for granted, but it is usually almost unknown among teachers in the West - while non-practicing chinese in China take it for granted...

Welcome to the first News at Living Stillness!

Welcome. This is the first text on News ever on the Sweden-based and bilingual information-site Living Stillness. We have been up and active for only a year, and our swedish version is so far holding about 400 pages of information, which we now are translating into english text by text.

This site has two facets to it: first, the information-site, where you can find information about traditional qigong, traditional meditation, stress-management, energy-practices and in-depth comments on current events. Every text is written directly for the Web, and written pedagogically to allow those who don´t know the subject to get a good guide as they deepen their knowledge. The founder of Living Stillness, Daniel Skyle, is a writer and freelance journalist, and has been writing about these subjects for fifteen years; now, unique texts on these subjects will be written straight for the Web to spread information to the public.

The second part of the site covers the courses, workshops, retreats, private lessons or that Daniel Skyle teaches on traditional qigong, stress-management, NLP, or traditional meditation. You will find an easy-to-access guide to the site under A helpful guide to the site, at the top of the sidebar. On News, you can also find information about any of our recurring lecture-series, part of Living Stillness Information Program, which aims to provide high-quality, in-depth information to keep the old traditions alive.

The main texts up right now are the basic overview over Traditional Qigong, a text of 30+ pedagogically written pages walking you through what qigong is, how it works, the basics of the training, and a short list of advice on how to find teachers. You can also find a text giving you advice on stress-management – Advice on how to deal with stress, and the Helpful guide to this whole site, which gives you a road-map with explanations on which subjects are to be found where. The first two texts are in the section called What is qigong? while the third is to be found in the first section on the Sidebar, simply called A helpful guide. One of our unique features is that every text on this site is easy to read on a mobile phone, and for this reason we have added a text on acute stress-management, which gives you advice right now if you are having a serious stress- or panic attack. You find this text in the What is qigong-section, under Acute stress-help.

The other main news right now is the first ever workshop in Scandinavia taught by Taoist Qigong-master Bruce Frantzis, and this will take place in Malmoe, the south of Sweden, in April 2008. You can find all this information under that title in the sidebar as well, including video of Frantzis showing a section of the set taught.

For now, we wish you welcome to Living Stillness, and a Happy New Year.