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Welcome. This is Living Stillness´ website and database, and one of the active components of Living Stillness´ Information-program. This introduction is a helpful guide to this website, making it easier for you to get orientated here. If you want to jump straight to the Helpful Guide, you can; it is available underneath this text and it will be your internet-friend, giving you a short, chatty introduction to each of the sections on the site so that your curiosity and hunger for information can find the right places faster.

This website is unique. The founder of Living Stillness, Daniel Skyle, is a journalist and writer and writes these texts directly for the website, tailormaking them for different levels of previous knowledge in the reader. The aim of the site is to offer a stable base of knowledge and available information. On it you can find texts on traditional qigong in all its facets and knowledge and texts on traditional meditation and spiritual practice; on it you will find easy-to-follow advice on how to heal stress, and texts on why qigong-training must be tailormade to the individual to offer its full potential for health, balance, and life.

Here you will find texts on how traditional chinese medicine works, both as a whole and in the shape of acupuncture and traditional qigong. Here you will also find all the information about our courses, tailormade private lessons, workshops and retreats, and in a separate section our tailormade corporate programs, which we adjust to activate change-factors and solutions for excellens in a company, all the way from health to increased mental clarity and tailormade PR. You can find the texts on this and on NLP for people and corporations among the texts on this site. For you who are looking for advice on how to find a skilled teacher, there is a whole separate section on this, and underneath that, a section on the events we arrange with one of our main teachers, the qigong-master, Taoist lineage-holder and author Bruce Frantzis.

Over time, this website will grow even more, and grow into a database over these subjects. We are bit by bit translating the Swedish site´s 400 pages into english. We wil also monitor and debate the evolution of traditional chinese medicine in the West, and you can find in-depth articles, essays and opinion-pieces in the section What is qigong: texts.

If you want an easy-to-access overview over the site, just go in on Helpful guide underneath, where you will find a short go-through of each section and the texts they contain.

We wish you very welcome to Living Stillness.

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