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A helpful guide to this site

This section is provided to give you an easy-to-use helpful guide to Living Stillness information-site. Here we will take a short go-through of what each section contains and what material it can offer you. The advice is updated over time, as this site keeps going from its current 400 pages of information towards the planned roughly 2000.

Welcome to Living Stillness.

Overview of the sections on this site

Courses at Living Stillness

This section provides you with an overview of the courses that Living Stillness offers, including our private lesson-programs tailormade for the individual student, their health, and their intention with their training. In this section you will also find the current information about our workshops and retreats, as well as the different qigong-sets we teach, and the current lectures we offer. The subjects here are expanded on and written about in-depth in the section What is qigong: texts? .

Corporate programs at Living Stillness

The place to find information about our corporate programs and the unique skills we offer in tailormaking solutions with traditional qigong, NLP, and traditional meditation to visionary corporations. We tailormake to improve health, mental clarity, creativity, and to maximize your potential to perform your job. All the techniques we teach can be done while working, to great effect, and they only increase in effect as you age. Among the things we recommend companies to look for are the individuals that are their strongest change-factors, and to use what we call positive ecology out to the community and inside the company (Google is one example of internal positive ecology). In this section you will also find all the valuable information on our NLP consulting, and how it can help you and your company to more easily see solutions, get better communication-skills, and give you concrete tools to improve creativity and mental clarity.


Here you find our News-section, where we list whatever is going on at the moment. This covers any lecture-series we are giving, recently published articles, both our own and others, and with links to current events within traditional chinese medicine as it surfaces in Western healthcare. Current Comments and in-depth explanations on these you will find in the section called What is qigong.

Living Stillness Database

A unique project. As far as we are aware, nothing similar exists on the entire Web right now. This database will be bilingual, like the rest of the site, and will cover several thousand pages on the subjects of traditional qigong, traditional chinese medicine, meditation, energy-training, internal martial arts, old traditions, how you practice safely, as well as more information about energy-injuries and their symptoms if you do not. Before this is up and active, we will show sneak previews here. A shortened version of the database is available in the next section, What is Qigong? , as the database itself will take some time to write and translate. Underneath the section Content Tree you can find an overview of the entire database to come, by subject.

NLP and communication

NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming - is a field covering several principles that all share some common aims. NLP-skills will give you incredible communication-skills, high mental clarity, more creativity, and an ability to slowly change your life to the life you actually wanted to have but kind of lost on the way. Living Stillness also offer NLP consulting, which can be used as an outsider´s view of your company, aiming to tailormake solutions that will increase your excellence in your field, or to keep with the visions you have of where you want the company to go. Same thing can be done for the PR you put out, and how you do that the most effectively.

What is qigong?

The core of this website. Here you´ll find information about traditional qigong, traditional meditation, traditional chinese medicine, stress-management and advice on how to heal stress-injuries, as well as information about the Internal Martial Arts and other topics. Here you find the basic safety-advice necessary to practice qigong and in-depth pieces on qigong as well as commentaries on current events in the news-media concerning traditional chinese medicine. Each text is written specifically for this website, and written to be pedagogical and easy to understand even if you have no previous knowledge of the topic.


Yet another section that is unique for this site. When it is fully active, this is the place where you´ll find information about what happens when you practice energy-training the wrong way, in the wrong sequence, or have it badly taught to you by an unskilled teacher. All the techniques within qigong, meditation, Yoga, or similar, are just like medication is in the West: great for your health if used correctly, possibly bad for it if you´re not informed about side-effects and counter-indications. Among skilled practitioners of traditional qigong or traditional chinese medicine this knowledge is taken for granted; it is only just now starting to become slightly more known in the West. We hope that this section can help bridge the gap.

How to find a skilled teacher


Tightly linked to the last section is this general overview of advice when you look for skilled teachers. It includes a checklist of questions to ask as an aid for you when you start out. A shortened version of this text is available in the Corporate section, written specifically to help those who hire qigong- or health-consultants to teach their employees.





Contact information for Living Stillness.


Carefully chosen links that offer the same quality we are intent on in this site. Links aimed at deepening your knowledge about the training, or different facets of it.

The helpful guide is over. Welcome in.