In this section you will be able to find detailed information about the risks inherent in all energy-practices, be they qigong, Tai Chi, meditation, Yoga, or different versions of New Age such as Reiki or forceful breath-work. All old and complete traditions take these risks for granted, and simply say that they increase if you practice for an unskilled teacher or practice the wrong way. They take this just as for granted as we take the side-effects of pharmaceuticals here in the West, and don´t see it as dramatic in any way - it´s simply the way the training works. Energy-practices of different kinds can have incredibly positive effects on your physical and mental health - but just as with pharmaceuticals they can also have side-effects and counter-indications.

In this section you will find information about what energy-injuries are, what the symptoms are, and how you practice energy-training as safely and effectively as possible, so that you maximize your health-benefits and minimize the potential risks. Earlier names for energy-injuries in the West have been Kundalini-psychosis or Qigong-psychosis, but we prefer to use the name Energy-injuries as this is more complete and covers the entire field. The Chinese terms for it are usually zouhuo rumo or, more recently, qigong piancha.

We at Living Stillness are among the few in the West who openly talk about the risks inherent in the training, and about how the old traditions tailormake the training to minimize the risks for the student. The subject tends to be extremly unpopular with most teachers, as they often don´t know anything about it and react with fear to idea that students might leave their classes. Most who teach qigong, Yoga, Reiki, New Age, relaxation-exercises or the like habitually react with rage when asked about the risks inherent in the training. Once again, to repeat, in China these risks are seen as something taken for granted, just like the side-effects of pharmaceuticals here in the West.

We are currently in progress of writing this section, but take our time so as to make it as complete and easy to understand. You will find shorter explanations on the subject in the text called Traditional Qigong. Daniel Skyle has been researching energy-injuries for more than ten years and is one of the few who writes about it and actively tries to spread information about it to the public. We keep on doing this through Living Stillness Information Program, which is aimed at spreading high-quality information about the old traditions and their training, and which goes out through free lectures, articles, and this website. We hope to help keep the old, complete traditions alive and avoid them being watered out beyond recognition.