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Traditional Qigong
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If your practice feels stuck: advice

”What is qigong, anyway?”

Traditional qigong that predates medical qigong: neigong

Medical qigong

Different qigong-traditions
  • General overview
  • Schamanic
  • Taoist
  • Buddhist
  • Confucian
  • "Medical" qigong - meridian-line qigong
  • Martial qigong
  • As part of spiritual training - shengong
Qigong to heal illness or physical problems

Good health your entire life - youth is not the same as health

Case-histories of students and their medical history

Qigong for mental health

Mental illnesses and qigong-treatment: be very careful

Other types of mind-/ energy-practices

The effects of qigong when it comes to the shifting of the seasons and your health in them

Spontaneous qigong

Can qigong be dangerous?

Breathing-practices within qigong: overview

In-depth essays

Traditional Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi?

What´s the difference between qigong and Tai Chi?

The history of Tai Chi

The main styles of Tai Chi

Early rumours

The birth of Tai Chi: Chen-style

Transformation: the creation of Yang-style Tai Chi

Manchu warrior - Wu-style Tai Chi

Rarer styles: Hao and Sun

Tai Chi and communism

Simplified forms within Tai Chi - 24-form, 48, 64, 8, Chen, vapenformer.

Tai Chi as a martial art

Push Hands

Tai Chi for health

Tai Chi for meditation

Tai Chi
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Traditionell Meditation

Meditation for health and spiritual practice

What is spiritual training?

Mysticism - training, not belief

Different traditions


Water- and Fire-traditions within Taoism


Dzogchen - Tibetan mysticism


Spiritual training and a normal life - the eternal balancing-act

Spiritual health

Spiritual training and stable physical health

Psychic abilities arising from spiritual practice - the classical pitfall

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Martial Arts

The Internal Arts

External styles


Internal Arts

Internal Arts, methodology, attitudes to training






Chinese Internal Arts in Indonesia

Smaller styles

Lineage holders


Push Hands - Tuishou

Martial arts-training

Risks of injury


Power and power-training

Martial arts and energetic sensitivity

Martial arts and psychic abilities

Martial arts and health

The difference between martial art, sport, and self-defense

The Internal Arts
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What is a lineage?

Why are lineages so important?

Lineage holders

Lineage holders and their difference in quality


What is stress?


Treatment of PTSD with tailormade qigong and meditation

How to practice qigong safely if you have stress-injuries

The missing pieces that Western techniques often miss within qigong and meditation

Training advice
Advice on finding a skilled teacher

Why would I?

Advice on how to find skilled teachers


So you want to teach?


What are energy-injuries?

Clinical energy-injuries within TCM: Zouhuo rumo and qigong piancha

Old terms of diagnosis: qigong-psychosis and kundalini-psychosis

Physical injuries

Mental and emotional injuries


Psychic abilities

Fire traditions


Low risk and high risk qigong-practices


Training-techniques with high risk of injury

Difficulties with treatment

How do you see energy-injuries in other people?

How do you treat energy-injuries?

Advice to staff within Western Medicine who meet energy-injuries

Advice for you who are a qigong-teacher
Breathing practices

Breathing: the misunderstood science

The lack of knowledge in the West

Breathing practices: the process of layering the training

The advantages to breathing practices and their use within qigong and meditation

The risks of breathing practice

Emotional suppression due to breathing practices


Why westerners never should start out with breathing practices when they begin training qigong or meditation

Different levels within breath training

The difference in breath-work between Buddhism and Taoism

The difference in breath-work techniques between qigong and Yoga

Breathing practices within the martial arts

The character qi and its misunderstanding in meaning from energy to breath

The New Saviour: breathing-practices and PR in the West

Clinical discussion: in which cases do you actually really need breath-work fast?


Tai Chi




Kongjing – moving without touching

Hard qigong

Definitions of terms used on this site
Glossary of names and technical terms
Traditionell Kinesisk Medicin

What is acupuncture?

Overview of traditional chinese medicine

Five Element theory

Warm and cold diseases

Effect on health from seasons and their shifts

Diagnostic techniques

Leaf, branch, stem and root: root-diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine in China today

A few examples of cases where Traditional Chinese Medicine worked where Western Medicine had not

Reading list

The meridian-system

Find someone with the full doctor´s degree

What is "intention" in the training?
Qigong today in the West

"The market"

Qigong within the health-care system

Qigong within the corporate world

”Certified” instructors in qigong



The future of qigong in the West

The future of qigong in the East